KANAC is a consortium of academic Professors and different professionals from various fields of life. The sole commitment of this team of experts is to assist burgeoning researchers, creative writers and scholars to achieve the best in their diverse writing quests or researches.

About the Competition

The annual international competition in Creative writing is instituted by KANAC as a way of harnessing and utilizing the human creative and imaginative potentials towards solving the myriad problems of human existence. The competition aims at creating healthy fora for the synergy of ideas, craftmanship and artistry which could be channeled towards constructively solving many challenges of our time. The competition also affords KANAC the opportunity of discovering and nurturing new talents in the creative writing industry.

The team of experts at KANAC believe that despite the seeming differences in the formats for writing Poetry, Drama and Prose fiction, there exists a nexus, an underlying similarity in the expression of the creative enterprise which they all share. This underlying similarity therefore, makes it possible for the best expression of a particular thematic thrust, as well as great utilization of artistry and craftmanship within a specific genre, to emerge as the overall winner in a competition. Each year therefore, the members of the KANAC board will propose a theme, which will be used for that year’s competition.


This competition is open to anyone, above 18 years of age, that is interested in the art of creative writing, irrespective of citizenship or race.

Donors and Sponsors

The cash prizes are realized from sponsors and donors, who are acknowledged during each award-giving ceremony. The names of sponsors are acknowledged in all the books of anthologies that are published withing a specific year.

Promotion of Merit in the Creative Writing Industry

In order to promote meritocracy, KANAC adopts a blind review system in assessing all entries for all her competitions. Towards this end, all interested participants are warned not to put their names or any form of identity on the entry that they are submitting for the competition. All entries with names or any form(s) of identification shall be disqualified. All submissions must be made via the KANAC submission portal and not through emails. All entries that pass through KANAC’s submission portal are automatically coded. Only coded entries are sent to judges for assessment. It is only when results have been determined and all the entries have made their final return, shall the identity of the various participants be revealed.


Before a final winner is selected, the KANAC Creative Writing Competition has three rounds in her selection process. The first round is immediately after the expiration of the deadline for the general call for submissions. The judges scrutinize all entries and nominate the ones that have potential for winning. The owners of all these entries are invited for interaction during the “authenticity” process. After this, the third and final selection of the overall winner is made. After much scrutiny, a winner is selected and the cash prize is bestowed to the winner in a ceremony that is meant for that purpose.

Everyone is a Winner

As a result of KANAC’s dedication and commitment towards building the individual, all entries that successfully scale through the “KANAC authenticity process” shall be reviewed and processed for possible online publication in the KANAC’s prestigious anthology series. However, before such works are finally published, they usually undergo thorough revisions, under the guidance and supervision of KANAC’s team of experts.

About the Theme for the year 2021

As post-pandemic period gradually settles in with the arrival of 2021, humanity cautiously peeps out from the various dimmed windows and sealed spaces that defined the COVID-19 lockdown. This is the period for regeneration.

Synonymously associated with words like “renewal” and “rebirth,” the word “regeneration” is generally seen as a process of healing or re-building something, especially after it had undergone some damages. Therefore, the word “Regeneration” rightly captures the different processes, activities and experiences of several people of the world, following the COVID-19 pandemic. In all its various usages in the different fields of life, the word “regeneration” connotes a positive increase, amplification or re-growth from an earlier condition of dilapidation or disuse.

The KANAC board has chosen the word “Regeneration” as a suitable theme for the 2021 annual Creative Writing Competition. Intending participants are invited to creatively engage with the word “Regeneration” and produce original artistic works in any or all the genres of literature (please see the “General Rules” for more details). Such an artistic work should be able to reveal great talent, craftmanship and the vast potentials of the human creative impetus.

Submission Guidelines

All submitted entries MUST be made on the KANAC Competiton Portal. There MUST not be anything like name(s) or other forms of identity on the manuscript being submitted.

The personal details of the person making submissions (like names) will be required while the person is signing up at the KANAC submission portal.

Once the intending participants has successfully paid the required submission fee on our secure payment platform, permission will be given to uploaded your entry. It is only when this fee is confirmed as paid, will the submission process be completed.

All successful submissions will be automatically acknowledged via email.

General Rules

Intending participants are encouraged to submit only one original entry in any of these categories: Poetry, Drama or Prose. The categories are as follows:

Poetry Category

Participants are expected to write a poem of not more than 50 lines on the above theme. Only one entry per participant will be permitted in this category.

Prose Category

Participants are expected to submit a short story of between 2,000 to 5,000 words on the above theme of the competition. Only one entry per participant will be permitted in this category

Drama Category

Participants are expected to submit a short drama piece of not more than 7,000 words on the above theme of the competition. Only one entry per participant will be permitted in this category.

Deadlines and Timelines

  1. Deadline for submission of all entries. 11pm on 30th December, 2021.
  2. Deadline for the notification of all successful participants in the First Shortlist & Screening. 15th January, 2022
  3. Deadline for notification of all successful participants in the second shortlist and commencement of revision under the guidance of the coaches in the KANAC Creative Writing Training Programs. 29th January, 2022
  4. Final date for the announcement of the overall winner. 1st February, 2022
  5. Date for the Award ceremony. 4th February, 2022
  6. Date for the release of the 2022 “Call for Submission”. 18th February, 2022
  7. Deadline for revisions of the selected works for publication. 30th March, 2022
  8. Deadline for online publication of the various anthologies. 30th April, 2022

Payment of Submission fees

Each submission must be accompanied by a submission fee of one thousand Naira only for Nigerian citizens and 10 Euros for other nationalities. While a participant is allowed to make up to three different submission, the person is not allowed to submit up to two entries in one category/genre. Maximum number of submissions per participant is three, and the participant is expected to pay One Thousand Naira for each submission.

All works that successfully scale through the KANAC’s authenticity process will be considered for online publication. Once the intending participants has signed up, the person will be taken to a secure payment platform, where the submission fee will be paid. It is only when this fee is confirmed as paid, will the participant be allowed to uploaded his/her entry.

Thereafter, the participant shall receive notification on the successful submission of his/her entry. Even if the participant is making three submissions, each submission must be made independently, with the participant repeating the entire process three times. This is because each submission is coded as a different entity.  

Terms & Conditions

The author declares that all his/her submitted entries are his/her own original works.

The author attests that all his/her submitted entries are original works that have not been submitted or published previously.

The author is liable for any case of plagiarism arising from any or all the entries that he/she submitted.

The author accepts that there shall be no refund of submission money under any circumstances.

The author agrees that in any event of discovery of falsifications, the entry stands disqualified.

This competition is open to anyone, above 18 years of age, that is interested in the art of creative writing, irrespective of citizenship or race. For further inquiries, send a quick mail to [email protected] or call +234 815 920 2453